Why Do Priests And Preachers Enter Islam(2369#)

Yusuf Estes
دار المعرفہ لاہور، پاکستان
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 Kazim Hussain Kazmi , born and bred in Soon Valley, Angah, Khushab, Pakistan, is  a well known literary figure. He has written a series of books. As a Poet , he has  written two  books of Urdu Poetry, Named “Ishaq Fsana Apna” (A book of Urdu Poetry). “Ik  Dua,Pur Asar Hogai” (A book of Urdu Na’atia Poetry) that are very much liked among the literary people.
Kazmi , who Some Times , also Works as English/Urdu compare on various TV/Radio channels has been teaching O’Level Islamiyat in well established institutions of Pakistan for the last many years.
He has also translated into Urdu…many lectures and religious talks of many religious scholars of international fame, like Haroon Yahya & Shaikh.Ahmad Deddat ,  Dr. Zakir Naik. Abdur Raheem Green Salfi ,Yusuf Estes…Yasir Fazaga and many others… Some of these projects were later on shown on Peace Tv Urdu Channel…. Suppose, Dr.Zakir Naik debate with Dr. William Campbell on Quran & Bible in the light of science was translated into Urdu by him and it had been shown on Peace Tv, Urdu many a times.
He has also translated into Urdu the lectures of Shaikh. Abdur Raheem Green Salfi
 “Proof That Islam Is The Truth” that were delivered by him on Peace Tv Channel  and has compiled this very translated matter in the form of a book…”. By Shak Islam hi Deen-e- Barhaq Hy…”
This very Book, “Why Do Priests And Preachers Enter Islam” is basically the research work of Shaikh Yusuf Estes…compiled by Kazim HussainKazmi.
Yusuf Estes who once belonged to a deeply religious Christian (Protestant) family that not only practiced their faith but also actively participated in propagating it.  Whose father  had been there  to  built churches in America  and who  had close ties with famous anti-Islam Christian personalities like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker, Jerry Fallwell and the biggest enemy to Islam in America, Pat Robertson. Shaikh Yusuf Estes,who along with his father, opened piano and organ stores all the way from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida. Who had earned millions of dollars during those years, Who owned expensive homes, cars, boats and at one time he even owned airplanes….but could not find the peace of mind ……How did that very Yusuf Estes,   his wife, daughters and his father, both ordained ministers, plus a Catholic priest, builder of Christian schools; and the children, even a great-grandmother -  and his all family find the peace of mind? How and why did they all accept Islam, This Book would disclose all these secrets and facts to you. In Sha Allah.     This Book is basically a gift for all those ones who wish to have a comparative study of Christianity and Islam….Quran and Bible…and especially to those ones who wish to have “The Proof That Islam Is The Truth”



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